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                     Welcome To

     Wisconsin's Tropical Gardens


   Looking for particular plants?

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   When you have found the plants

   you want, just call your local florist 

   or garden center and they can

   order them for you.


   Finding ways around the cold at Tropical Gardens

   Video from our Local News Channel  


Photography courtesy Lori Widmann, Stratford, WI 


Tropical Gardens supplies tropical foliage and blooming plants of superior
quality and value to various retailers in the upper Midwest including florists,
garden centers, interior-scapers, educational institutions, etc. We have
developed this website to help our customers as well as the general public
by providing an expert source of house plant information. We supply plants
for Low Light, Medium and High light settings. 





Regardless of the season, Tropical House Plants have an important function.
They actually help to clean the air you breathe! When we seal up our homes to prevent
drafts and 
heat loss, we also lock in unhealthy air. House plants
can help clean the 
air by taking out the contaminants.

So do yourself a favor. Buy a plant for your health! Bring plants into your home
or office for everyone's health!!

Listen to this clip about a particularly popular plant, the Peace Lily. This is a
popular Low Light Plant that grows well in almost any home. 

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