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spathbloom The Spathiphyllum is a good choice for a somewhat darker room. They grow from 1 foot tall to 6 feet tall depending on the variety. They have long dark green, shiny leaves that grow from the soil. They are often called Peace Lily. This is in reference to their white blooms. In the right conditions Spath will bloom about twice a year.

TEMPERATURE: Spathiphyllum prefer average temperatures but no less than 55 degrees in the winter. Avoid hot drafts as this pulls moisture from the leaves faster than the roots can replace it.

WATER: Water as needed. In a brighter area these plants will use more water. You must be careful not to over water. When the soil becomes totally dry the leaves will collapse over the edge of the pot. When you water a collapsed plant its leaves will stand up again within 6 - 12 hours after you've watered. This is when most people kill the plant by over watering multiple times. Brown leaf tips mean slightly dry roots. Increase water a bit each time you water.

LIGHT: This is one of the best plants for a low light setting. This plant prefers medium to low light.

Spathiphyllum like to be rootbound. The more rootbound they are the more blossoms they will have. They can be divided every 2 - 3 years. This is preferable to repotting them when they become large because they have a tendency to become extremely bushy.

These plants are readily available in 3", 4", 6", 8" and 10" pot sizes.