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MOSINEE, WI. Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, Kevin Ylvisaker was master designer at the recent event hosted by Wisconsin Tropical Gardens. Special thanks to Teleflora for sponsoring this well received program.

People took copious notes as Keven demonstrated his creative talents in dressing up plants with easily obtained materials to show off their best qualities. These plants went from OK to Spectacular!

The Slide Shows illustrate some of the awesome plants that are readily available this time of year at Tropical Gardens.

Participants were provided an awesome meal, and were allowed full run in the numerous greenhouses. They filled their flatbeds with a myriad of plant varieties including plants like Nepenthes, Hibiscus, Lithops, Howarthia, numerous Ferns and others too numerous to mention. By far the most interest was paid to what we call Strange Curiosities. These are plants you hardly ever see anywhere, but they are what Tropical gardens is best known for.