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ALOCASIA Polly - African Mask

These most unusual plants have large arrow shaped leaves on strong stems. They have striking colors and bold veining. They grow from a tuberous rhyzome.

TEMPERATURE / LIGHT: Alocasia need to have warm conditions of at least 60 degrees. They like high humidity and bright, indirect light. (Avoid direct sunlight).

WATER: African Mask like to be kept evenly moist. Do not let the soil get too dry but be careful not to let the plant stand in water! Try putting a little bit of coffee grounds on the soil, as it is mostly peat and fairly acidic. 

These plants have been developed in such a way that they are more easily grown in the home environment. Today they are much easier to grow than in decades past. An avid plant lover, with numerous plants in the home may be more successful due to the higher humidity levels .

This is a specialty plant that is readily available. They are most often found in 4" and 6" pots.