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are often called "tail flowers" or "flamingo flowers." They have large waxy petals with a tail in the center and are available in many colors. These exotic blooms last for many weeks with a long flowering season, usually from spring to late summer in the right conditions.



Anthuriums need just a bit more care than many of your other plants.  They enjoy a warm atmosphere of high humidity, so the foliage should be misted occasionally during the dryness of winter.

WATER: Don't overwater. These plants like to be kept slightly on the dry side and never allowed to become soggy. Suggested watering is once weekly or as needed to keep the soil from drying out. You should decrease water during cooler, non-blooming periods.

TEMPERATURE / LIGHT: While antheriums are more tolerant of cool temperatures than you might think, they will grow faster and produce more flowers if given bright light and warm temperatures between 68° and 86° days.

Don't over fertilize. Too much food may reduce growth and flowers. A general purpose fertilizer mixed at half the recommended strength will help to encourage continuous blooming, but be sure to provide sufficient drainage and an occasional "soil flushing" to help prevent a salt buildup in the soil.

Repot in the spring every 2 or 3 years as needed. Propagate by dividing the plant at repotting time.

Anthuriums may be found in 4", 6" or 8" and sometimes 10" pot sizes.