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ARDESIA - Coral Berry

The ardesia is a slow-growing, shrub-like plant that has glossy, leathery leaves. Its main feature is red berries at the winter time that can last for months on mature plants. The berries are preceded by tiny white or pale pink flowers that appear in the summer.

TEMPERATURE / LIGHT: Ardesia plants like average temperatures but no less than 45 degrees. Keep them away from drafts at all times. They like bright light but not direct sunlight.

WATER: These plants like humidity so misting frequently will benefit them. They like to have the soil moist at all times. You will want to reduce the water somewhat in the winter.

You can prune the palnt back after the berries dry up and fall off and you can propagate Ardesia from stem cuttings taken in the spring or summer or you can sow the seeds from the berries in early spring. Repot in the spring only when necessary.

Ardesia are readily available in 3" and 4" pot sizes. On rare occasion, they may be found in 6" or 8" pots.