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The Areca palm is often thought of as the Yellow Palm. This is because the leaves have a natural yellowish tinge to them. Although one of the least expensive palms, Arecas are one of the hardest to care for. Areca makes a great short term display plant. On the other hand, it is a poor plant for the long term because it needs high humidity to keep the leaf tips from drying up and is prone to spider mite.

WATER: Water when the soil feels dry to the touch on the surface. Wet roots will cause fronds to yellow excessively, although extreme underwatering will also cause the same thing. Dry roots or low humidity will cause brown tips.

LIGHT: Provide moderately bright light. Avoid harsh, direct sunlight.

Having only a few fronds yellow at a time is characteristic of this palm and there is no need to worry. Groom the plant by cutting off any discolored fronds.

Many consider this a disposable plant.

When available, it is sometimes found in 6" pots, more often in 8" or 10" pots and ocasionally in 12" pots