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ASPARAGUS FERN --species include springeri, meyerii, plumosus

Asparagus has long arching stems with small one-inch, needle-like leaves. They do best in a hanging basket so they have space for their long graceful fronds. Given the right care Asparagus is an easy plant to grow.

WATER: They like a generous amount of water during the growing season,even  daily if kept outside. If the soil is allowed to dry out it will cause the plant to have some yellowing foliage and leaf drop though it is unlikely to die except in cases of extreme neglect. Do not allow the roots to sit in water as this will cause root rot.

LIGHT: They can tolerate a bright or a semi-shady area but will not tolerate direct sunlight. This will scorch the plant and cause brown or yellow scorched leaves.

Asparagus can be replanted every year as they are vigorous growers. They can be propagated by dividing when repotting.

This is typcally a seasonal plant with limited availability in late spring or early summer. You may find them in 3", 4" or 6" pots but also sometimes in 8" hanging baskets.