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ASPIDISTRA - Cast Iron Plant

The Cast Iron plant has leaves 1 - 1  1/2 feet long. The leaves are dark green with very visable ribs and are rolled at the base. There are other varieties that have cream colored stripes (called, oddly enough, Varigated Cast Iron) and a variety with many small cream colored spots. Aspidistra is a very slow growing plant.

The Cast Iron is an old favorite that is regaining its popularity. Its name refers to its tolerance to neglect. Cast Iron can survive periods of dryness if the temperatures are not too high and will grow even in very low light levels. The best way to kill it is to keep its soil saturated and by frequent repotting. Basically it likes to be left alone.

WATER: Water sparingly but regularly from spring to fall, less in the winter. Be very careful not to saturate the soil.

LIGHT: Cast Iron will tolerate any light conditions (even very poor light) except for direct sunlight.

Propagate by division at repotting time. Do this ONLY every 4 to 5 years.

This plant is available on a limited basis in 8" or 10" pot sizes.