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Azaleas are dwarf shrubs 1 to 1-1/2 feet tall. They come in many colors; Pink, white, hot pink, red, and lavendar flowers are all available.

When choosing an Azalea look for one that is healthy looking and nice and crisp. Avoid one that has drying or browning leaves. Choose one that has a some open flowers and lots of buds.

Azaleas need the correct care or they will surely drop their leaves and buds and their flowers will wilt.

WATER: Azaleas MUST BE kept wet at all times; they take a lot of water. Make sure the compost is totally wet and DO NOT ever let it dry out completely between waterings or your plant will suffer.

TEMPERATURE: They prefer cooler temperatures, 50 - 60 degrees is ideal.

LIGHT: They like bright light but not direct sunlight.

This blooming plant is readily available in 6" pots. On a seasonal basis, it is also available in 4" and 8" pots.