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BABY TEARS - Helxine

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Baby Tears has masses of tiny leaves 1/4 to 1/3 inches long on threadlike branches that grow in mounds. They work nicely in terrariums and hanging baskets. At various times of the year we grow them as Leprechan Toes, in Blarney Stones, in 6" clay dishes, etc.

LIGHT: They like bright filtered light, avoiding direct sunlight. Baby Tears will also survive under light shade.

WATER: Baby Tears must be kept moist (but not saturated) at all times. They need good drainage, high humidity and good air circulation. Misting is beneficial to this plant.

TEMPERATURE: Average household temperatures are fine with a minimum temperature of 45 degrees in the winter.

You can propagate by taking small clumps from an existing plant at any time of the year.

This plant is often available in 3", sometimes in 4" or 6" terracotta, and often in 8" hanging baskets.