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The look of the Banana plant is the epitame of a Tropical environment. It's thick, exotic leaves and palm-like stem make for a very tropical feel. Often the leaves have a weathered look, especially on older plants. They can appear torn as mature leaves separate along vein lines. Some varieties have a reddish blotch or blotches along the midvein of the long leaf. This herbaceous plant can be cut back and regrown if necessary but be advised it will take quite a while even under the best of conditions.

LIGHT: Your banana plant will do best near a bright window. Bright, filtered sunlight is best.

TEMPERATURE: Keep warm. Provide temperatures in the 65° to 90° range.

WATER: It must be kept moist, even very moist. Water frequently, but don't allow the pot to sit in water. Feed often with a balanced fertilizer.

Repot frequently. This plant does not like to be rootbound. Fruiting is possible but not likely in the house.

If available, these plants will be in either a 6" or 8" pot.