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STRELITZIA - Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise is one of the most spectacular exotic plants to grow in the home. Its huge (2-4 feet when mature), grayish green, leaves (often naturally split) are offset by the large, plumed flowers that tower on tall stalks. This plant will teach patience since it may take years to bloom. We seldom carry the traditional orange-flowered variety. Instead, we carry the shy-to-bloom white variety. The plants are huskier, and the leaves are thicker, wider and longer.

TEMPERATURE: This is a fairly easy plant to grow, provided you have the space. It requires average warmth, with a minimum of 55-60° in the winter.

LIGHT: Strelitzia love bright light, the brighter the better, but protect from hot sun.

WATER: Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch. Water less in winter. Feed with a balanced fertilizer at recommended level.

Divide plants in the spring when they outgrow their pots.

This plant is usually available in 10" pots and sometimes larger. Occasionally it is also available in 6" or 8" pots.