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Black Pagoda



A cousin to the Lipstick, the colorful and durable Black Pagoda plant with its thick leathery leaves and orange blooms will add flamboyant color to any plant collection. Its leaves are green with darker green veins on top and purple underneath. It grows slowly, but when it matures, it wows you with its clusters of bright yellow-orange blooms. Several years ago we had a few of these in our booth at a Florist convention. When passers by saw them, they wanted one immediately. The contrasting colors are very exotic and attractive. What's even better, they are very easy to grow.

LIGHT: Black Pagodas do well in bright light, even with some sun. We grow them unshaded in our greenhouses from June to November. I have even seen them bloom under bright, artificial light.

TEMPERATURE: Average household temperatures are fine. This plant does well in temperatures as high as 90° and as low as 50° provided watering is carefully monitored.

WATER: This plant prefers to dry down some between waterings. The surface of the soil should feel dry before watering. Water less in lower temperatures and more in hot, dry conditions.

These plants are grown in 8" and 10" hanging baskets. They are available in late fall.