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BLUE CRISP FERN- Polypodium Aureum

A beautiful created from of Polypodium fern, the Blue Crisp has long graceful bluish fronds approximately 15" to 20" long. It also gets furry rhizomes at the base of the plant. which are similar to those of a Rabbit Foot Fern although much larger.

TEMPERATURE / LIGHT: Blue Crisp Ferns like to be kept on the warmer side but away from direct sunlight. They will retain their shimmering blue color when away from sun.

WATER: These ferns like to be kept evenly moist at all times although not wet. They benefit from misting or pebble trays. Blue Crisp can be propagated by sectioning the rhizome.

This plant is sometimes available in 8" hanging baskets and may also be seen as a specialty plant in hanging wooden crates.