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Bougainvillea originates from Brazil and is also called the "paper flower." If you have ever been to Southern California or Hawaii you have undoubtedly noticed the Bougainvillea's bright flowers.

The flowers, which are abundant in the summer, form in threes and are very vivid and bright. The branches are woody, sometimes of a climbing nature, and form large spines or thorns, so be careful when transporting, handling or repotting them.

LIGHT: This plant requires plenty of sun. It will do better outdoors in warm climates, but it can survive cold winters on a sunny window sill.

WATER: During the summer the Bougainvillea needs plenty of water during the spring and summer and significantly less water during the winter. It will tolerate drought-like conditions and prefers to be kept cooler during the winter. Bougainvillea need plenty of nourishment during the growing season.

This is a real eye-catcher and definitely has summer written all over it.

These seasonal plants are available in 10" or larger pot sizes.