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 BURRO'S TAIL - Sedum Morganianum

A striking specimen, the Burro's Tail has stout, pendant stems that can be 5 feet or more when mature. They are covered with short, thick blue/green or apple-green, succulent leaves.

A problem with this plant comes when you want to move it. You may loose some leaves and some length. The best way is to buy a young plant, find your ideal location and then leave it there to mature.

WATER / TEMPERATURE: Burro's Tail is a succulent plant which means you should let it dry down before thorough watering. Reduce water and maintain cooler temperatures during the winter months. Be careful not to overwater as too much water will cause leaves to fall off or stems to rot off.

LIGHT: Provide bright light. Some direct morning sunlight is beneficial but be careful of the hot summer sun.