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With origins in South Africa, Calla Lilies are herbaceous perennials that are grown from tubers. They are known for their showy blooms in shades of white, pink and yellow. The long, lance-shaped leaves are smooth, medium green, sometimes spotted with white. Callas will bloom in a bright location for 4 weeks indoors and 4 to 6 weeks outdoors in late spring or early summer.

LIGHT: Give them a bright, sunny location but protect from a hot windowsill.

TEMPERATURE: They prefer temperatures in the 60° to 80° range.

WATER: Allow soil to dry slightly between waterings. Soil that is too wet will cause the tuber to rot. Fertilize regularly.

Allow container plants to dry down in the fall and protect from freezing temperatures. Replant in spring, keeping the temperatures above 60°.

Remove spent blossoms to direct energy to the plant instead of seed production.

This seasonal plant is often available in the spring in 4" and 6" pots.