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Siderasis aka Camel Plant

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Siderasus, also known as the Camel Plant, is an interesting plant with interesting flowers. The plant has a rosette-type of growth pattern. Its leaves are a rich green with a lighter green mid-rib vein. Upon closer inspection, you will notice the leaves are covered with tiny brownish hairs. As such, one might suspect that the plant is related to the African violet. It isn't, but due to it's leaf structure, much of the care is similar. It bears small clusters of purple flowers from the center of the rosette.

LIGHT: We have found that these plants like bright light, but without long periods of direct sun. In the home, a bright east window would be superb.

WATER: As you suspect, you should avoid getting cold water on the leaves. We have noticed that if you wet the leaves with your fertilizer solution, you will end up with white residue. It is best to only water the soil. And, like violets, this plant likes if evenly moist with a slight dry-down between waterings.

TEMPERATURE: Siderasis do best when the temperatures don't go below 65° at night and rise to the 70's° during the daytime.

This is a rather hard-to-find plant. It is available on one or two occasions per year in 6" pots.