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CHENILLE PLANT - Acalypha Hispida Sandew

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This native of India is also known as the Foxtail, Firetail, or the Caterpillar plant.

The Chenille is a striking tropical shrub with broad, ovate, bright green, hairy leaves. This plant produces bright crimson flowers lacking petals, in long slender, pendant spikes resembling tassels of red chenille.

The Chenille blooms heavily in the summer.

TEMPERATURE / LIGHT: Warmth,bright light, humidity and rich soils are required for the best tassel development. Fertilized soils may also help during propagation.

WATER: Moderate watering is suggested about twice weekly, allowing for environmental factors. This is a fast grower. Cuttings may be taken during the late winter and early spring.

The flower on the chenille is quite unusual and this hanging basket will bring plenty of oohs and aaahs!It is often treated like an annual which can be grown with other plants in outdoor container gardens.

This seasonal plant has limited availability in the spring only in 4" pots or in 8" hanging baskets.