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In their natural habitat these Christmas cactus are attached to trees. They are also known as Zygocactus or Schlumbergera. Christmas cactus have leaf stems and a trailing growth habit and can live to be very old.

TEMPERATURE: Ideal temperature is 55 - 70 degrees; during its rest period keep it 50 - 55 degrees.

LIGHT: They like a bright area but keep away from direct sunlight. An east window is ideal. 

To get your Christmas Cactus to re-bloom it must go through a resting period when water, day length and warmth are decreased. They also do well with some time outside during the summer. After your cactus is done blooming the resting period begins. Keep it cool and water infrequently.

WATER: In April and May water as you would any other houseplant - thoroughly when soil begins to dry out. Place outdoors during the summer months. In September and October keep dry and cool and in short-day light until buds form. During flowering, water normally and maintain a temperature of at least 55 degrees.

On a seasonal basis, these plants are available in 4" and 6" pots and 8" or larger hanging baskets. Look for them beginning in late October or Early November.