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Cissus discolor aka Rex Begonia Vine

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Cissus discolor is a colorful, eye-catching plant that looks a lot like a Rex Begonia, however it is actually more closely related to Oak and Grape Ivies. It's deep-green and white-striped leaves with dark back colors create a dramatic contrast with its maroon stem. And it's climbing habit can send it to heights of 10 - 12 feet. It's preference for a shaded environment means it will do well indoors. It is happiest if kept moist and never allowed to dry out. Try one of these for a real conversation piece!

LIGHT: Bright Shade. This amounts to about 1000-1500 foot candles. Keep out of direct sunlight.

WATER: Keep this plant moist, but not soggy. Remember, in lower light environments, plants don't dry out as fast and don't need water as frequently as plants in a sunny spot. Fertilize lightly with a balanced plant food, roughly 1/2 recommended strength with every watering.

TEMPERATURE: Average household temperatures will suit this tropical plant fine. A few degrees cooler at night and during winter will also be beneficial.

This is a relatively rare plant and is available occasionally in 6" pots or possibly in 8" hanging basket.