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COFFEE - Arabica

A beautiful bush with dark green, shiny, wavy edged leaves ranging from 3 - 5 inches long, the Coffee Bean Plant is an unusual addition to any plant lover's collection.

WATER: The main point of care for the Coffee is that you never allow the soil to become dry. You must keep soil evenly moist at all times. DO NOT allow the plant to be saturated through as this will cause problems for the Coffee plant.

TEMPERATURE: They need average temperatures and a bright area, avoiding excessive direct sunlight as this will scorch your leaves. The plant will benefit from an occasional misting during the growing season.

In the right conditions this plant will grow to 4 feet and can get berries.

For purchase these plants are readily available in 3" and 4" pots. On occasion they may also be available in 10" pots and be 3 to 4 feet tall.