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CORDYLINE aka the Ti plant


Most of the varieties of Cordyline have leaves that have red streaks or red/pink splashes. Some have narrow leaves while others have leaves more like a Prayer or a Calathea plant. There is an all green Ti that has long, narrow arching leaves that is used to make Hula skirts and leis in Hawaii.

LIGHT: They like bright light but need to be protected from direct sunlight. An east window is ideal.

WATER: They like to be kept moist at all times with good drainage. Reduce water in the winter but never allow soil to dry out. They also benefit from occasionally misting them.

TEMPERATURE: Average temperatures are fine but most varieties will not tolerate temperature less than 55 degrees.

This specialty plant is most often grown in 10" pots although on an occasional basis they can be found in 6" or 8" pot sizes.