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CREEPING FICUS - Ficus pumila aka Creeping Fig or Ficus repens

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Creeping Fig is one of the trailing types of ficus, hardly what you think of when you hear the word Ficus. This low-growing plant produces a dense carpet of leaves and is an excellent indoor groundcover. It is also useful for totem poles and topiaries as the stems readily cling to any moist surface. Leaves can be either green or varigated.

TEMPERATURE: Provide average household warmth with a minimum of 55° in the winter.

WATER: This plant likes to be kept moist and will NOT forgive you if you let it dry out. If that happens, it is then  a good addition to the compost heap. Water regularly with tepid water in the summer and somewhat less in the winter. Remember to drain any excess. Mist leaves often to increase humidity.

LIGHT: Provide moderately bright light. An east, west window is ideal.

Repot only when necessary.

This plant is often available in 4" pots and 6" or 8" hanging baskets.