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CROWN OF THORNS - Euphorbia E. Meliu


alt Crown of Thorns gets it's name from it's resemblance to the crown Jesus wore. It is an old favorite and is an excellent choice for a sunny window sill. There are several color varieties ranging from yellow, to pinks to crimson.

TEMPERATURE: They like an average home temperature but not below 55 degrees.

LIGHT: Give them as much light as possible but shade them from the hot summer sun. Crown of thorns will tolerate less light but they may not flower. This plant is very temperamental to darkness. If it has been packaged for a few days you will probably notice yellowing and some dropping of the leaves. The plant is not damaged and will be fine within about 2 weeks.

WATER: Allow soil to become slightly dry between waterings during the summer months. Water sparingly during the winter. Too little water will cause the leaves to drop.

Fertilize monthly from early Spring through Summer. Do not fertilize at all during the winter months.

Crown of Thorns normally blooms from early spring to midsummer but if it is in a brightly lit spot, it can bloom almost all year. The length of the flowering season depends on the light intensity. When it's in bloom you can water a Crown of Thorns more often. Keeping the soil just a little moist helps it hold it's blossoms

Considered a specialty plant, these are most often grown in 4" pots and once in a great while you might find a variety with variegated leaves!