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The Cyclamen is a very popular winter flowering plant. It grows in a compact mound and has butterfly type flowers on long stems than shoot up the middle. Cyclamen have heart shaped leaves about 2-3 inches across. The flowers vary from small and dainty to large and ruffled and from solid to bi-color. For a real treat some of them have a sweet, minty scent, but not all of them!


TEMPERATURE: Cyclamen like to be kept in a cool area, the cooler you keep them the longer they will bloom. An ideal temperature is around 55 degrees.

LIGHT: They like bright light but will not tolerate direct sunlight.

WATER: After blooming quit watering and feeding. Keep pot in a cool dry place until mid summer. You will need to repot at this time using fresh soil. Cyclamen is a tuber and should be planted to half cover the tuber. Begin watering again and keep in a bright, cool area with no direct sunlight.

When watering Cyclamen it is best to water from the bottom. Too much moisture directly on the crown of the plant will cause the plant to collapse.

Another common problem with Cyclamen is yellowing leaves. This is caused mainly by too warm of a surrounding but also could be from not enough water or from having direct sunlight. Remember it is very important to keep Cyclamen very cool.

During certain holidays these are available in 4" and 6" pots and occasionally in 8" pots.