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Cyperus Papyrus


This species of Cypress Grass was considered very important by the Egyptians over 2 thousand years ago. It was used for making scrolls, mats, ropes and even shoes. This is a true marsh plant and in nature is happiest growing along the edges of ponds or water basins in gardens. If left to its own devices, it can grow to as high as 10 feet tall. Its fine leaf structure lends an exotic elegance to indoor water gardens and wet interiorscapes. And it will enhance any plant lover's indoor fountain.

LIGHT: Cyperus Papyrus prefers a bright location, even some sun. Provide some relief from direct noonday sun in summer. In higher latitudes, supplemental lighting may be needed for plants wintered over indoors.

TEMPERATURE: This is a tropical plant that would enjoy summers outdoors in temperate climates. When evening temps approach 55°, bring the plant inside. Maintain temperatures between 65-90° during the summer and a minimum of 55° during the winter.

WATER: Keep this plant wet at all times. Use a saucer and keep at least 1/2 inch of water in it. Mist the plant on warm days or in very dry environments. Feed weekly with a very weak fertilizer solution, about 1/4 normal strength.

AVAILABILITY: This plant is occasionally available in 6" pots. Ask for it. It is worth the wait!