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dieffenbachiabench Dieffenbachia is a very common houseplant that has many varieties available. Some dieffenbachia have leaves up to 2 feet or more (Tropic Snow).  Dieffenbachia have beautiful leaves that vary in color from mostly cream colored with green edges (Camille) to green and cream spotted (Perfection) to green with white stripes (Sterling) plus many many more varieties.
LIGHT: They like to be protected from bright, harsh light in the summer. If they have too much light their leaves will become faded looking. Move to a shadier spot. Provide medium to medium bright light.
WATER: Water when soil is dry to the touch. Be very careful not to overwater this plant. Too much water can cause stem rot. On the other hand if they do not get enough water their leaves will get brown edges. This can also be caused by too cool of an area. In the winter protect them from cool drafts and be extra careful not to over water.
TEMPERATURE: Dieffenbachias like a warmer area. Do not keep below 60 degrees. If a Dieffenbachia develops yellow wilted leaves, the most common reason is too low of a temperature or cold drafts.

If your plant becomes gangly and unattractive, cut off the cane leaving about 4 inches above the soil. The stump will sprout and grow a new plant.

These plants are redily available in 3", 4", 6", and 8" pot sizes and occasionally there may be a few in 10" pots.