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Dischidia pectinoides:This trailing plant is known for its intermittent inflated apple-green leaves. Tiny red buds form along the stems at the base of leaves after which twin horn-like seed pods appear. The Dischidia is best grown in a hanging basket or on a trellis. This plant is usually grown in a very well-draining medium such as coir dust or coconut fiber chips.

Dischidia Million Hearts: This is a darker green plant that grows best as a hanging basket. Small, glossy dark green heart-shaped leaves grow in parellel rows along either side of a gracefully pendant stem. Million Hearts is usually grown in a light, soil-less mix.

WATER: Dischidias are epiphytic, growing on the bark of trees in their native environment. This means they will tolerate a slight drying between waterings. Watering can be every 2-3 days depending on conditions of heat and light.

LIGHT: Give them a brightly lit location but with careful watering they can be grown in partial shade. Feed with a dilute fertilizer regularly during vigorous growth in the summer, and decrease during the winter.

TEMPERATURE: Average household temperature is suitable.

These are specialty plants with limited availability. When available the Pectinoides is grown on a trellis in a 5" pot and the Million Hearts comes in either 6" or 8" hanging baskets.