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This new variety of the Dracaena family is considered the "rising star" of the family. This plant produces deep, glossy-green leaves with a central bright yellow band. You may see it grown as a tip or as a cut-back.

LIGHT: This plant will do well in medium to low light locations and will even maintain the yellow coloring in these conditions. Light shade is best for these plants. Ideal locations are near an east or west window.

TEMPERATURE: Generally speaking, plants in the Dracaena family require average household temperatures with a minimum of 55° at night in the winter.

WATER: Watering appropriately is essential to healthy dracaenas. Keep the soil moist at all times. Water less in the winter but do not allow it to totally dry out. Mist often to keep the humidity high

This specialty plant is occasionally available in 6" or 8"