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EASTER CACTUS - Rhipsalidopsis

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Easter Cacti, while resembling Christmas Cacti, are somewhat different in appearance and nature. The foliage is more gently rounded and of course Easter Cactus blooms in late March and early April.

The pretty flowers are daisy-like and last for several weeks, opening each morning after sunrise and closing each evening. They bloom in conjunction with the length of daylight so it is possible that they may bloom again in the fall when the length of daylight closely matches that of springtime.

LIGHT / TEMPERATURE: Easter Cactus enjoy light shade and warmer temperatures (60-70 degrees is ideal). If the foliage starts to take on a purplish color, the plant may be getting too much sun. From September on, keep them in a cool spot (40-50 degrees) until new buds appear.

WATER: The soil should remain moderately moist, but as the buds begin to set allow the plant to become slightly dry, and be careful not to alter the natural length of light. This can be done by avoiding exposure to artificial light if possible during this time.

Propagation may be done by stem joints or tip cuttings using a standard potting mix.

These seasonal plants are available in 4" and 6" pots and sometimes in 8" hanging baskets.