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EPISCIA - Cupreata (Flame Violet - Chocolate Soldier)

A relative of the African Violet, the Episcia is a beautiful trailing plant with 1-2 inch leaves with soft downy hairs and varying shades of green, silver and burgundy. Although grown for its foliage the Episcia produce tubular flowers about 1 inch in size that come in many colors. One particular variety is known as Chocolate Soldier which has chocolate-colored leaves and red-orange flowers.

LIGHT: They like a bright location away from direct sunlight.

TEMPERATURE: An ideal temperature is around 65 degrees.

WATER: Keep the soil moist at all times, although do not let plants stand in water. Episcia require high humidity so they benefit from misting. Also keeping them on a pebble tray is a good idea.

Episcia grow trailing stems and produce threadlike runners with leaves and flowers which give you plantlets for propagation.

Episcia is available on a seasonally limited basis in 3" pots or 6" or 8" hanging baskets.