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EUGENIA - Myrtle

Eugenia is a vigorous-growing shrub that is most often used in topiaries. It produces small, bronze-tinged leaves which mature to a deep green. On rare occasions, it will bloom with tiny, white flowers.

LIGHT: This plant likes bright light. They thrive in full sun to partial shade.

TEMPERATURE: In the summer, they will appreciate an outdoor location. Bring in when nighttime temperatures fall below 40°.

WATER: Keep the soil moist but do not let the plant stand in water. Do not allow the plant to completely dry out. Fertilize with a balanced, water soluble plant food once a month.

Trim this plant back in the fall. Bring indoors to a sunny location. As with all plants summered outdoors and brought in, treat with insecticide and wash plant well to remove any unwanted critters. Cut back on the watering and fertilizing. Feed and water more in the spring and move back outdoors when danger of frost is past.

This specialty plant is sometimes available in 6" or 7" clay pots or in 8" or 10" topiaries.