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FATSIA Japonica - Japanese Aralia

A hardy plant the Fatsia is a durable specimen tolerating a wide range of conditions. Fatsia has large shiny leaves up to one foot across. They are rich green in color and deeply lobed, similar to a large maple leaf.

WATER: Water thoroughly when soil is dry to touch. Do not allow plant to stand in water. Overwatering will cause leaves to yellow and drop. They like high humidity with good air circulation.

LIGHT: Fatsia plants like a somewhat shady area. If new growth is long and leggy then the plant needs more light. Cut back the growing tips to keep the plant bushy.

The Fatsia is an extremely durable plant. If the leaves become shriveled and brittle the cause is too much heat, too much sun or the air is too dry.

Given the right conditions a Fatsia will grow quickly. Repot in the spring. Cut back the growing tips each spring to keep your plant bushy.

These are a specialty plant and occasionally found in 6" pots.