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FICUS Rianne, Wiandi

These unique varieties of the Ficus family are natural bonsais with their naturally occurring curls and twists to their trunks and stems. They are smaller-leaved, "dwarf" varieties that make for a more affordable oriental bonsai look. This is truly a "Ficus of the Future"TM.

LIGHT: These plants will hold their leaves in medium light. An east, west, or southern window with a sheer curtain is ideal. Some leaf loss is normal as your plant acclimates to it's surroundings. Once placed, refrain from moving this plant unless you see that it needs more light.

TEMPERATURE: Provide average household warmth with a minimum of 55° in the winter. Mist occasionally to elevate humidity in dry environments.

WATER: Allow soil to dry to the touch before thorough watering. Do not allow plant to stand in water. With a larger plant you must make sure you give it enough water to reach the bottom of the pot. If you do not you will loose leaves. A suggestion is to give it enough water until you see it run out the bottom of the pot. Wait a few minuts to let the plant absorb as much as it will, then drain off the excess.

These are specialty plants that are occasionally available in 8" table top pots.