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FICUS LYRATA - Pandurata (aka Fiddle Leaf Fig)

Ficus Pandurata, a member of the weeping ficus family, is most commonly found as a standard tree or a bush type. It has large dark green, shiny violin-shaped (or lyre-shaped) leaves on woody branches. They make an excellent specimen plant in the right environment.

LIGHT: One of the most important needs for the Ficus is bright light. Not enough light will cause leaf loss.

WATER: Allow soil to dry to the touch before thorough watering. Do not allow plant to stand in water. With a larger plant you must make sure you give it enough water to reach the bottom of the pot. If you do not you will loose leaves. A suggestion is to give it enough water until you see it run out the bottom of the pot.

These plants are oftem available in 4", 6" 8" and 10" pots.