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This is a blooming plant which provides a continuous show of orange and yellow flowers. In high light it will bloom for most of the year. The flowers are small but very plentiful.

The plant is very viney and will quickly cover a trellis or wire support. The leaves are dark green and shiny. Pinch out the tips occasionally to keep the plant from getting too leggy.

LIGHT: Firecracker plants like bright light and some direct sunlight is essential to blooming.

TEMPERATURE: They like temperatures from 65 - 80 degrees. They appreciate being a little cooler in the winter, but no less than 50 degrees.

WATER: Keep soil moist at all times but reduce water during the winter. In the summer outdoors they will need water frequently.

To keep this plant blooming continuously make sure to pick off old flowers regularly.

You can propagate from stem cuttings taken in the summer and use a rooting hormone.