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A member of the chlorophytum family, Fire Flash is closely related the the spider plant. It's shape is similar, but with its wide leaves and bright coral-colored midvein, it is larger and more colorful. The leaves are parallel veined, light glossy green, with a bright coral stem. One difference is that, unlike Spider plants, this species does not produce runners and babies or pups. Instead, this plant produces white flowers in a dense, cylindrical spike down in the foliage, close to the stem.

LIGHT: This colorful, new plant likes moderately bright light. A well-lit location near a south, east or west window away from direct sun is ideal. Avoid exposure to direct sun.

TEMPERATURE: Provide warm temperatures in the 70° - 90° range.

WATER: Keep the humidity at moderate levels of at least 40%. Water when soil begins to dry, but do not allow plant to sit in water. Try to keep evenly moist. Feed with a mild, balanced water soluble fertilizer twice a month.

This specialty plant is occasionally available on a limited basis in 6" pots or 8" hanging baskets.