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Fittonia bears leaves 1 - 3 inches long with a pattern of net-like veins ranging in color from white, pink or red.

They can be difficult to grow under ordinary room conditions although they are a great plant for a bottle garden or terrarium.If you can maintain adequate humidity via grouping yoru plants, using humidity trays or terrarium gardening, it is possible to grow a beautiful Fittonia Plant. ,

WATER: Humidity is vital to the plants' survival. Soil must be kept moist and leaves must be misted frequently. Fittonia, likes to be kept warm, with a minimum temperature no less than 60 degrees.

LIGHT: They will not tolerate direct sunlight and do best in a partially shaded spot.

TEMPERATURE: Cold and wet condition will cause sudden death. Too much water may also cause yellow, wilty leaves. Warmth and humidity are the key to success

These plants are readily available in 3", sometimes in 4" or 5" pots and occasionally in 8" hanging baskets.