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FOUR-LEAF CLOVER -- Oxalis -- Shamrock

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The four-leaf clover is from the Trifolium plant family. Trifolium means "three leaves". In nature, the occurrence of four leaves is rare and special, resulting in the legends of good luck.

The four-leaf clover you find at greenhouses was genetically developed by the University of Florida to produce an average of 29% four-leaflets per pot. Unauthorized propagation is prohibited but you can enjoy your plant by following these instructions.

Upon Arrival: It is characteristic of your four-leaf clover to have the leaves fold up at night or in darkness. Your plant may be closed upon receipt, but by putting it in a bright light environment the leaves will open and stay healthy. Rotate occasionally.

WATER: When the soil surface feels dry, water thoroughly. Pour off any excess water left in the saucer.

FEEDING: Diluted application every month or so of standard houseplant fertilizer will keep it producing new and bigger leaves.

CLEANING: After allowing your plant to acclimate to its new home, you may cut off any yellow leaves.

TRANSPLANTING: When the roots fill the pot, transplant into a container 2-3 inches bigger in diameter. Add packaged potting soil that contains at least 50% peat moss.

This plant has spotty seasonal availability in 4" pots.