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Gardenia blooms are considered by many to be the standard for fragrance and elegance. Gardenia plants are also very attractive with their deep green, glossy leaves and bushy form. The 3 to 4-inch creamy white, waxy flowers may be semi-double or double and exude a heady fragrance.

TEMPERATURE: To form buds, a nightly temperature range must be maintained between 60° and 65° with daytime temperatures about 10° higher.

LIGHT: Provide bright light but avoid hot, midday sun. A place in a south window with a sheer curtain is ideal.

WATER: Keep the soil moist at all times. Water with pure, lukewarm water. Misting in the morning is also beneficial in dry environments.

Feed with a slightly acidic plant food as directed.

These specialty plants are most often grown in 6" pots, however smaller or larger sizes may occasionally be available.