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Duranta is native to Florida, the West Indies, Mexico and Brazil.

The Golden Dew Drop Lilac, also know as Pidgeonberry is a small tree reaching heights of 4 to 5 feet.

It has spiny and drooping four-angle branches with ovate leaves. The small flowers are either white or lilac-blue, cylindrical and spreading, followed by orange-yellow berries, hence the name "Golden Dew Drop".

The flowers are fragrant, attractive and similar to those of the outdoor lilac, and in the tropics, this plant will flower year round. In the summer, outdoors in the right conditions this plant is easy to care for and will bloom non-stop all summer.

LIGHT / WATER: This plant enjoys full-sun to partial shade and in our experience in a full-sun setting, daily watering and feeding will be needed.

This plant is striking and would be a very pleasing addition to any porch, patio or high light situation.

These seasonal plants have limited availability in 10" pots.