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Grape/Oak Ivy -CISSUS rhombifolia


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This graceful vine with its trio of leaflets per leaf is a favorite of many who like its glossy, green leaves and tendrilled climbing habit. On Grape Ivy, the leaflet is slightly lobed versus the deeply lobed leaflet of Oak Ivy which strongly resembles the shape of an oak leaf.

TEMPERATURE: These plants thrive in average household temperatures with a minimum of 55° in winter.

LIGHT: Choose a brightly-lit location away from direct sun where it has room to hang. Mist leaves occasionally.

WATER: Water often during spring, summer and early fall. Feed regularly with a balanced, liquid fertilizer at recommended levels. Decrease watering in the winter.

Pinch tips to encourage bushy growth.

These plants are readily available in 3", 4" and 6" pots and also in 8" hanging baskets.