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The Hibiscus is an excellent plant for a sunny spot indoors or out. A Hibiscus bush can live for many, many years. It's size and shape can be controlled with regular pruning. Cut back the stems in the winter to induce bushiness.

LIGHT: To maximize flowering, bright light is preferred for this plant. Direct sun if at all possible. Outdoors for the summer is a plus.

WATER: As far as watering goes, keep the plant moist with good drainage. Hibiscus drinks a lot of water. Reduce watering in the winter.

Blooming plants like food too, so during the warmer times of the year provide a general houseplant fertilizer on a monthly basis. The Hibiscus will bloom constantly for many weeks at a time, but like many plants of this nature, needs a "rest-period" too in conjunction with the light available and temperatures provided.

The blooms only last for a day or two but you will be able to look forward to the new arrivals not long after the old ones have perished.

Common pests of the Hibiscus are aphids and spider mites. It's a good idea to treat regularly for this.

Bud drop and loss of leaves is most likely caused from letting the soil dry too much. Another reason could be from a sudden change in temperature.

These plants are readily available in 6" pots. On a seasonal basis, they are also available in 8" or 10" pots in various forms from short standards, to braids and bush forms.