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Hydrangea - saxifragaceae

With it's big heads of white or pastel clusters of tiny flowers nestled among rich, green leaves, this plant garners the attention of any plant lover. It is commonly grown as a pot plant in the spring.

LIGHT: Hydrangeas like bright, indirect light. Place near a window that gets east or west sunlight.

TEMPERATURE: To help the flower heads last as long as possible (up to 8 weeks), provide cool temperatures below 60°. Temperatures above that level will shorten the flower life to 3-4 weeks.

WATER: Water often enough to keep the soil ball thoroughly moist. This plant may not survive if the soil is allowed to dry to the point of wilt. If the pot is immersed in a bucket of water, the plant may live, but the flowers may not. Do not allow the plant to sit in water more than 8 hours. Feed every two weeks with a liquid plant food at recommended strength while in bloom.

If you live in a warm climate, the plant may recover from blooming if planted outdoors in a sheltered location.

This is a seasonal specialty plant with limited availability.