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Iresine herbsti - Painted Bloodleaf

This is an unusually colorful plant for use indoors in bright areas or outdoors in the patio or garden. The leaves of Painted Bloodleaf are a bright, fuchsia-burgundy color. This plant can be used as an accent plant or as a short hedge.

LIGHT: If plant is grown indoors, provide some direct sun to keep it from getting too soft and leggy. Outdoors, place in an eastern exposure or in light shade.

TEMPERATURE: This plant grows best in an environment that is between 55-60° at night and 70-75° during the day. It will tolerate extreme temperatures of 33-100° for short periods.

WATER: Water regularly to keep the soil moist. this plant does not appreciate being too dry.

Groom the plant by pinching tips of stems to promote branching which will help make the plant fuller.

This is a seasonal plant with limited availability