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Ixora - Jungle Geranium

This plant is found mostly in the Asiatic countries. These evergreen shrubs are grown for their striking, compact clusters of starry flowers similar to those of geraniums. Beginning to bloom when quite young, they can be grown in pots but also planted in patio containers or window boxes. With periodic pincing of terminal growth, plants may bloom all season.

LIGHT: These plants require at least 5 hours of bright, indirect light.

TEMPERATURE: Ixora thrives in temperatures above 75°, but if the soil is kept dry, the plant can tolerate temperatures in the 40-60° range.

WATER: It is best to keep the soil thoroughly moist during the growing season which means watering 2-3 times per week. water less during the winter rest. Fertilize every two weeks with liquid plant food at 1/2 the recommended strength.

After flowering, cut plant back to about 1/3 it's size to desired shape and continue to provide plenty of indirect light. Healthy, firm cuttings may be taken and planted in moist sand or perlite. Cover the pot with a plastic bag and provide bottom heat.

This is a specialty seasonal plant and is rarely available.