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JADE - Crassula


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Jades come in several shapes and colors. We often see Crosby, Elephant bush, Elephant Trunk, Organ Pipe, Sunset and varigated forms. They all have in common a thick, fleshy stem and thick, fleshy leaves. Some people are stunned to learn that jades bloom. One variety known as Pacific Jade bears clusters of tiny, pink, fragrant flowers in late fall or winter.

TEMPERATURE: Jades appreciate moderate temperatures.

LIGHT: They like it bright, and they like it dry. Find a bright windowsill and park it there.

WATER: The best thing you can do for your jade is to forget it. Overwatering can kill a jade faster than just about anything else, causing the trunk to rot from the inside out. Water it every couple of weeks or once a month, and sparingly at that, especially if it is a large plant in a large pot.. Do not let the plant sit in water. Misting is not necessary.

Jades are often available in 4" and 6"but do come in 8" and 10" occasionally.