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JASMINE POLYANTHUM: This vining favorite has clusters of pink, tubular, highly fragrant flowers and is closely related to Jasminum officinale which has white flowers. Both are vigorous climbers which need to be pruned to keep growth in check. These are popular houseplants which do well outdoors in the summer.

Other species of jasmine commonly grown in household settings include: Pandorea, Sambac, Lakeview, etc. Most are seasonal varieties that are available in the spring of the year.

TEMPERATURE: Provide average warmth with a minimum of 45° in the winter.

LIGHT: These are light-loving plants so give them plenty of bright light, even some direct sun. An east, west or lightly shaded south windowsill are ideal.

WATER: Keep the soil moist at all times. Outdoors in the summer, this might mean daily watering. Provide plenty of humidity. Frequent misting will help.

These plants are seasonal and are often available in late winter or early spring. They are sometimes grown on hoops in 6" pots, 4" pots and sometimes in 8" hanging baskets.